Young AdultsMinistry
Ages 18-35

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

To have a group of young believers empowered and strengthen in a community within the body of Christ by their peers through word, prayer and fellowship.


  • Meet the needs of the young adults
  • -Address the concerns of this generation by having open discussion on matters that affect our generation with scriptural reference from the bible.  
  • Develop a community that is built on trust and transparency 
  • -Build a bond of trust through testimonies, word of encouragement and establishing accountability. 
  • Help young adults grow in their Christian faith
  • -Have monthly bible studies and outing that will increase one’s faith
  • Share tools and knowledge on overcoming life obstacles
  • -Share life experiences, wisdom, failures and successes that contributed to life successes
  • Study the word of God and the applications necessary to living a faith filled life
  • -Express ways to put the word of God into practice through situational activities.
  • To restore the lives of young adults who have left the faith early in their adulthood
  • -Love on, encourage and welcome those back into the faith who have left because of church hurt, loss of interest, and pressures of the world and demonstrate the love of Christ and the need for him

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