1. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was crucified, died and buried. On the third day, He rose from the dead and later ascended into Heaven, where He remains at the right hand of God Almighty.

  2. After death, eternal life begins either in Heaven or Hell. Where you spend eternity is based on your decision to live according to God’s Word, the Holy Bible, or to rebel against it.

  3. When the rapture occurs, the dead in Christ will rise first, and those who are alive and remain will be caught up to meet Jesus in the air.

  4. The Bible was written and inspired by God. Faith is acting on the Word of God.

  5. In water baptism, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  6. We believe in Jesus and the authority in His Name.

  7. In the indwelling of, and baptism in, the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

  8. In divine healing-the restoration of health to those who believe and act on the truths written in God’s Word. We further believe that Jesus is our Healer, and that by His stripes we are already healed.

  9. Tithes and offerings should be freely given to your local church. The local church is the place of membership where God has called you to receive His Word on a consistent basis and grow spiritually.

  10. In giving alms to the poor, sick, homeless, and others in despair.